Koro Seaview Estates and Dere Bay Resort

A little history

The Dere Bay resort and Koro Seaview estates are situated in the Northwest of Koro Island. The Seaview estates is a residential subdivision with a couple of hundred blocks, mostly around an acre in size.
The blocks are owned by people form different parts of the world.
The estate was used in the 2002 reality show 'under one roof' of which only a few episodes were aired. Some of these episodes are still available on YouTube (search for 'under one roof fiji').

The subdivision is self sufficient. There is no access to electricity, city water or sewerage.
From its inception in 1989 some 60 homes were built on the estate, with people living there permanently or periodically.
Owners of the estate had access to the facilities of the Dere Bay resort.
The resort was a small scale enterprise with 3 luxury bungalows and a few other bungalows in the adjacing and separate named Koro Beach Resort.
Because of the islands relative isolation with only a ship arriving weekly and only having a small airport on the other side of the island many of the blocks were acquired by residents with future plans of building a home.
Building a home in Fiji, especially on a location like Koro requires good planning and free time to oversee the process.

In 2016 the devastating Cyclone Winston hit and especially Koro bore the brunt of it. Dere Bay Resort was one of the few constructions surviving it without too much damage but many houses in the resort (like elsewhere on the island) had to be rebuild.
Most of the blocks in the Estate are Freehold.

Owning Property in Fiji
Foreigners are allowed to own property in Fiji.
Some 7% of the land is freehold(which means you fully own the land). Lease properties also exist but on Koro most is freehold.
Visitors from most countries are allowed to stay for four months in Fiji after which you can apply for a 2 month extension. To live permanently in the country you will need to apply for residency.

In December 2014 the Fijian government introduced a bill which restricted foreign ownership of land in Fiji, especially in the cities.
The law did not effect freehold land with existing buildings (homes) on it.
It also put in the requirement for foreign land owners to build a home valued at at least FJD 250.000 on their land within 2 years of buying it.