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Do you have holiday / rental accommodation on Koro Island?

If you have rental accommodation than you can have it listed on this site.
Any type of accommadation: A complete house, B&B, hotel room, farm stay, or stay with a local family, you name it.
Short term, Long term, anywhere on the island, in the Seaview estates but also in any village around the island.
As long as it is on Koro Island in Fiji.

You have some property to sell?
The same applies when you own a house or land and would like to sell it.
List it on this site.

There are no costs involved in having your property listed on our page.
Is somebody registers interest, their request will go straight to you.
We do not intermediate in any of the dealings between you and the customer.
If you would like to be listed or know more drop us an email!

Every site needs

Terms and Conditions
We keep them few and simple:

  1. We will not share any data you provide us with with other parties. As a matter of fact, the only thing we need from you is your email since that is where request information will be sent to.
  2. Listing is free
  3. You are responsible for your own listing which has to be a property on Koro. The information you provide has to be about your property and can not be offensive. This includes text and images. Inappropiate content will be removed and can result in blocking you from listing on this website.